Garden of Eatin’

Blueberries Blueberries

The blueberry bushes are outside the fence of the Garden of Eatin’ so that everyone can enjoy them. It is going to be a great season…gardeners keep them well-watered. Come enjoy them!


Welcome to the Garden of Eatin’

Some of the gardeners have been part of this community since the garden’s beginning in 2008. Others join every year. The Garden of Eatin’ is adjacent to Calvary Lutheran Church at 716 South Avenue in Eureka.

While many of the gardeners live within walking distance of the garden, few of them belong to the church. We welcome anyone who enjoys getting their hands dirty and harvesting great food.

The garden is organic. This includes fertilizer, insect and pest control, and weed control. We offer several resources (most importantly from our gardeners) for ideas for improving soil condition and keeping pests away.

The beds are 12 feet by 4 feet and are raised about ten inches. Faucets and hoses are spaced around the garden and make watering relatively easy.

All gardeners are expected to keep the walkways around their bed clear of weeds, overzealous garden plants and other obstructions. In addition, all gardeners are expected to help with the Project Days—usually two hours on a Saturday morning a couple of times a year.

Several gardeners help water and maintain the blueberry bushes that are outside the fence. The blueberries are intended for everyone’s enjoyment, including neighbors, as well as gardeners.

Other gardeners help keep the garden functioning by turning the compost bins, clearing weeds around the shed, and doing other maintenance tasks.


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