Meet Pastor Pat

Calvary welcomed Patricia Higgins as our pastor on Reformation Sunday 2013. She likes to be called Pastor Pat, loves living in the redwoods, and thinks Calvary’s Garden of Eatin’ is pretty cool. She is impressed by the way the Holy Spirit has held Calvary together during the months we did not have a pastor. pastor higgins

Pastor Pat served Lutheran Church of the Master in Sacramento before coming to Calvary. During her first sermon at our church, she explained how she found her way to Calvary: “Sixteen months ago, my elderly father, daughter, grandson and I moved to Trinidad. I’ve commuted back and forth to Sacramento for 65 weekends. Then, all of a sudden, about the time I became so exhausted by the drive I’d decided to retire from ministry, I got a random message to interview for a call to Calvary Lutheran. I jumped at the chance.” Calvary jumped at the chance to have her become our spiritual leader.

Pastor Pat’s family in Humboldt includes her dad, Don Higgins who requires home care, which is primarily provided by Christina Carrion, Pat’s daughter and Don’s granddaughter. In addition to take care of her grandfather, Christina is working on a Ph.D. Asking her about it will provide a good conversation starter. Pat’s family also includes her son Carlos who is six years old and attends the first grade at Big Lagoon Elementary School.

Before becoming a minister, Pastor Pat worked for years in lower management of a pulp and paper corporation, got married, had Christina, then divorced. She attended Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota. She interned in Carson, California, and her first call was in Reeder, North Dakota, population 188. She later served another North Dakota congregation.