Sunday School

Our Summer Sunday School has been watching a fun video with songs, stories and information about what’s in the Bible. Here is a sample of the lyrics in our favorite song so far:

”Genesis, it really means beginning.
If it was anywhere else in the Bible that would be kind of confusing!”

We have also been picking blueberries for our Summer Jamboree which will be held on August 19th. We will be selling Suzanne’s amazing jam to help fund the Joyful Noise Music Camp. I

f you have enjoyed Suzanne’s jam before, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to restock your cupboards. It makes a wonderful gift too! Everyone in my family is getting jam for Christmas (per their request). And speaking of gifts, you may also want to donate part of your purchase to feed kids at the monthly lunch. It is a great way to support this ministry.

If you would like more information about Sunday School at Calvary, please send us your questions using the following contact form.